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4 remedies for dry hair after staying on the beach

The holiday isn’t over and you already see the effects of long exposure to sun: a dry hair with no shine. The sun and salt affected it and now you don’t know what to do to revival it. We will share you some intensive hydration treatments. Dry hair + coconut oil You heard often that […]

Solutions to freshen a tired complexion

One of the most important reasons while your complexion looks tired is the lack of sleep, an essential manner of cellular reconstruction. Most of us usually sleep less than the 8 hours recommended by specialists. The negative effects will be seen instantly both when it comes to concentration and efficiency and also regarding your complexion. […]

How to care for oily skin

Conventional wisdom suggests that all skin types need to go through the same skincare regime consisting of at least three steps, and this can be frustrating for people with oily skin for whom regular skincare products just don’t seem to be effective. Oily skin needs specific products suited to this skin type, such as an […]

How to have a hair with more volume

Your hair looks sensational only a few hours after washing it and after that it loses its volume just like a sheet of paper? Let’s find out some tips which will help you give more volume to your hair without applying too hard measures. The perfect hair cut for a hair without volume You may […]

Tips to limit the pools chlorine effects on your hair

Water isn’t always your hair’s best friend and if it contains chlorine, it’s a disaster. When your hair is exposed repeatedly to chlorine it can extra dry and become fragile enough to break. In case of blonde girls, chlorine existent in pools water gives their hair beside the dry effects always a kind of green […]

Tips to take care of greasy skin

Because many of you complained of the disadvantages of oily skin, we decided to make an article where tips to take care of greasy skin to be shared. Carefully cleaning your complexion and applying a treatment to repair it are mandatory gestures if you want a fresh complexion. Be careful in using too much make-up […]

7 beauty tips to make your life easier

Any woman knows different beauty tips from her grandma or which she has found out on her own. Let’s find out other tips which can make your life easier. How to shift off the nail polish without using different substances – use a polish on the dried nail polish and wipe off immediately with cotton […]

Beauty errors you shouldn’t do

By trying to look younger  or beautiful all the time, women use all kind of fast and easy beauty tips. They don’t take into consideration the fact that this tips may be out of fashion. Women want always to look tidy and choose sometimes inappropriate beauty tips. Let’s see a top of beauty errors you […]

7 tips for a beautiful week

We made for you a list of seven activities which will make you feel great, without spending money such as other activities involve (going out to a restaurant, shopping). For an ideal week, check this activities: Love yourself In order to have a beautiful life you shouldn’t do much. The secret isn’t a well paid […]

What ingredients should a face cream contain to determine a beautiful complexion?

It has always been a dilemma for me choosing the best product to fit my complexion characteristics. I don’t pretend that the cream should do miracles from the first use but in time its effects should be seen: a bright, hydrated complexion should be the qualities most searched. First of all assure yourself that no […]

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