10 tips to get rid of acne

10 tips to get rid off acne

Acne is one of the most common complexion problems and it inevitably affects everyone’s life at a certain moment. It can appear at any age, although teenagers are the most affected by it as it can cause them anxiety and disturbance. Acne is a skin inflammation that generates the appearance of pimples and black points. Acne appears from an extra secretion of the sebum glands and is present especially at teenagers. Dehydration and sebum can cause the close of pores creating the proper environment for food, stress and hygiene have a small contribution to acne appearance. Feminine hormones can cause it’s appearance during the period or during pregnancy.

How to get rid of acne? Here are some tips which might help you win the “battle” with acne.

1. A careful wash is important although too much can irritate pimples causing further infection.

2. Use a gentle shower gel or a special soap created for acne problems.

3. Exfoliation is also important as it removes the death skin layers. After cleaning the face with a delicate soap use an exfoliating mask at least once or two / week. It helps you reduce the death skin cells and clean the pores.

4. In order to avoid a possible pore reloading it is recommended using cosmetic products that don’t contain oil. In order to avoid having a dry skin use tonic lotions. And be careful also to hair products which tend to contain a lot of oil also.

5. Use everyday different towels and clean the complexion from perspiration.

6. Wash your hair at least twice / week using special oily hair shampoo.

7. Don’t press or pinch pimples.

8. If you are desperate and you see that nothing helps you, go to the doctor’s and ask for special products to treat acne. He will surely recommend the best of them.

9. Avoid as much as possible eating chocolate or drinking coffee. The food must not be very spicy. Fast-food, snacks, sweets or cereals are not recommended by doctors. Instead of these eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

10. Avoid as much as you can tight clothes or humid places.

I hope these tips will help you overpass this difficult problem. Good luck and hope hearing good news from you.

26 thoughts on “10 tips to get rid of acne

  1. Dear Sadie,

    Unfortunately I can’t tell you any remedy, You should you go see a doctor. He will study your skin problems and prescribe you the perfect treatment. Good luck!

  2. Hey I’m 11 I really REALLY struggle with pime on my cheeks chin and lip and nose it there any home remedies that will help my sister tried pro active and it scared her skin bad

  3. i m 21 yrs girl.a lot of pimples r cuming in my face n no treatment is working i hav tried a many,so plz help me to get rid of these pimples

  4. Which is better ?
    Neutragena or Origins. ?

    I use both but Im not sure which one i should be using more for likeschool and whatnot.

  5. I have had acne since i was 12 and now i am 16. I have tried everithing from cuticura,clean&clear,clearasil,avon,oxy,sunlight and even home remedies but recently i have started using tetreyesal pills and differin antibiotic gel and it has worked wonders my skin is now 80% clearer but wat can i do to prevent future breakouts and to remove the acne scars?

  6. i am 13 and have pretty bad acne and oily skin…. i hqve tryed most everything out their, but have found that just using rubbing alchohol on a cotton ball works wonders and netrugena zit zapper gets rid of small pimes and red spots really well!!!! if u have any ideas please share!!!!!!

  7. Hi, I have had acne for awhile now and I’m now turning 18 I’ve tried everything proactive clean&clear and just plain cleansers for the skin I mean they clean the skin but I still get pimples. I am so desperate for help any advice?

  8. same here I am 11 too I tryed loreal paris go 360 clean too and it make my acne smaller until oil gets on my skin =[ then it gets more red and big=[ Proactive doesn’t work either I have spent so muck money on face washes and I cant use clean and clear cause that makes me break out even more your not the only one so don’t feel bad !

  9. I am 12 years old and have light acne around my nose,chin,and in between my eyebrows…I have tried ProActive, which helped a bit, but not totally. I also have tried many brands like Walgreens,Clinique,Sephora, and Cetaphil but they’re all are just a waste of time…do you have any suggestions on brands of oil free face washes?I am currently using Loreal Paris Go 360 Clean which is sorta okay, but I really want to get rid of my acne and stick to one product with out buying a bunch of useless products…please help!!!!

  10. some people say that toothpaste works but if u leave it too long it will burn ur skin n drink alot of water:)

  11. Hey I Just have a question I have a break out at least twice a weak how can i avoid himitity if I live in one of the most humid states? I need help I cant take it anymore when people point out your acne. I eat alot of healthy foods but I still get break outs and I was my face twice a day is that to much to wash my face? and I drink milk alot will that cause more acne?

  12. Hey, I have a red spot where my pimple went away. I’m still washing my face regularly. What should I do?

  13. I’m 14 and i’ve been batteling acne for 3 years now and nothing has worked. i have tried EVERYTHING it seems and recently i think i have found a few things that help me get rid of it.
    1)i now make my own sugar scrub and use it twice a week. i just put lotion on my face, but i don’t rub it in, and then i take sugar and i put that on my face and then i use my clarisonic to rub it in and really expholiate. it works wonders and i’ve definitly seen improvement.
    2) DRINK WATER!!!! i am at this moment sipping my 3rd glass of water today and there are still 4 more i have to drink. it not only is amazing for your health but it makes your face so much clearer and healthier and you’ll see a difference within a day or two.
    3) Don’t wear face makeup for week and see if that helps. I only wear foundation sometimes but for the past month i haven’t worn any makeup on my face and i think it helps. i feel like my face can breath and sometimes i think my face without makeup looks better.
    4) ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS take off your makeup or wash yoour face before bed. leave some cleansing cloths (availible at any drug store) by your bedside table just to wash your face before going to sleep. Trust me in the end your face will thank you.
    5)Don’t touch your face. Its super hard for me not to touch my face or lean my face on my hand durring school. i am pretty much touching my face 90% of the school day. i have recently started keeping my hands busy so that i’m not tempted to touch my face.
    .doodle on paper
    .play with a rubber band
    .sit on my hands
    .tap my fingers
    6) give it time. no one notices your acne and i know this becuse tons of people have acne in my class and i’ve never noticed till they told me they did. just relax and it will be gone soon if you give it time:)

  14. There is one thing that is commonly overlooked: the pillow cases.
    A pillow case is a great place for bacteria to grow in and you put your face in it every single night. I’d suggest

    to also to wash your face before going to bed and keep your pillow cases always clean. Aim to wash them with a fragrance free detergent.

    Also, cellphones and other personal items are always good places to bacteria to grow, so it would be a good idea to keep them clean, alcohol should do the trick.

  15. I was wondering if any of you have tried Acneace or know anyone that has, because I’ve heard good reiews about it and I just want to be sure before I buy another treatment. I’ve wasted so much money on things that didn’t work, and I’m tired of that. Thanks in advance for any help! 🙂

  16. i luv the ideas and i have another 1- SEA BREEZE. in just 3 days of using it, my face was noticibly clearing up!! you can buy it at Wal*Mart, CVS, or Walgreens. try it, it WORKS 😀 😀

  17. TOOTHPASTE=spot treatment!! really!!!
    and…. all those diet things are a MYTH!! acne is not caused by any foods. but water does help 🙂

  18. Eating chocolate, spicy foods, and drinking coffee are myths. What causes acne is bacteria on oily skin. If you touch your face a lot you will probably get blemishes because your hands are dirty. If you have acne you should try going to your doctor and getting perscription acne medicine. I used proactiv for a year and I’m doing better than that within a month of using perscription meds, which can come in topical creams and pills. The only problem with that is it makes your skin really dry. Exersizing and drinking water should help too.

  19. i heard that coffee nor chocolate causes pimples. but drinking water actually reduces the appearance of pimples!

  20. These are very good tips that any girl can try! A good tip of mine is drink more water! Water plumps out your skin making it look healthy.And clear! So drink up!

  21. Hello Lucy! Impetigo is usually treated by using antibiotics, but a doctor can prescribe them only after a detailed control. If it’s not a severe form of Impetigo, (as I think it’s your daughter’s case, from what you’ve written me) he usually prescribes an antibiotics salve. Remember! When cleaning the area, be careful and use the towels only once and after that wash them carefully. Impetigo can extend very easily to other parts of the skin. If the doctor prescribes a salve, the infected area must be washed at least twice / day before using the salve. If a crust is formed, you should dip the wounds with warm water for 15 minutes and after that easily remove them by using a soft rag. Finally, wipe the area out to dry the injuries. The problem should be solved in 3-4 days.

  22. My daughter was scratching her pimples and as a result got an infection and now as Impetego which I had to get an ointment for. any suggestions on cleaning the area, just antibacterial soap and water will that do?

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