How do you know that you are pregnant?

How do you know that you are pregnant?Some say that every woman knows when she’s pregnant because of a certain sixth sense she posses. But if you’re not so lucky to be aware when you are pregnant and an assumption is all you have, “listen” to the signs that your body gives you even before having a pregnancy test or going to the gynecologist. Which are these signs?

The first one is well known by each of us: the delay of menstruation. Many of us believe that if the menstruation still exists we are surely not pregnant. This idea is often incorrect. It is very possible the menstruation to exist for two-three months in little quantities than usually and the pregnancy to have already appeared.

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One of the clearest signs that you are pregnant is a visible change of your breasts; they become even bigger than they were before the period of menstruation and they ache. Most women confuse this ache of the breasts with the one they have before menstruation comes. In order to avoid this kind of confusion you should know very well your body.

The urination is frequent at the beginning (in the first four months of pregnancy) and this represents another important sign that you are pregnant.

Even if you aren’t that kind of person who eats all the time this doesn’t mean that an unjustified hunger and an emphasized appetite can’t represent a pregnancy sign. Remember! Don’t rely on this fact as the continuous hunger can appear because of stress too. The moment this symptom is accompanied by others you should start wondering “Am I pregnant?”

Another frequent sign of pregnancy is a constant, unjustified estate of fatigue. This fatigue appears because of the quantity of progesterone hormone present in a high level into your body.

A certain sensation of flatulence can also represent a cause of worry for those of you who aren’t prepared to have a baby. This symptom isn’t present only when it comes to a pregnancy as a certain digestive problem can also be the cause.

The nausea and frequent pukes are frequent in the morning although this doesn’t mean that they can’t appear during the day too.

If you observe that weird smells such as the one of gasoline or blacking begin to attract you, this is an unfailing sign of pregnancy. Most pregnant women also admit that they can’t stand the smell of coffee or tea.

Beside of having a darker color than usually, teats begin to be very mellow and sensitive at any touch. The sensation is similar to the one you have before the menstruation appears.

Your body temperature has been higher than usually for more than 18 days? That’s an unfailing pregnancy sign. This temperature chance is due to the presence of the hCG hormone in your body.

If these signs are present in your case too you should go immediately to a drug store and buy a pregnancy test. It’s the easiest method to find out whether you’re pregnant or not.

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  1. I just took another HPT and it’s negative. And my boobs have been sore the last 2 days, tired as hell, cranky, still no period.

  2. Hi, Well I have been confirmed by the doctor that in fact I am pregnant. They took blood out of me & performed an ultrasound on May 19,2009. Then they called me on the 20th of the same week to confirmed that my hormones were raising. But, since I had been spotting a few days before they wanted me to get another blood test on the 21st of may, and once again I was confirmed that my hormones were raising. The weird part is that I do not have any symptoms at all. I mean I feel like I was not really pregnant. Oh something i forgot to mention was that I stopped spotting on the 20th of may, so since then I havent spotted at all!! :). Which maked me very happy. once in a while my boobs get itchy, and I do have white vaginal discharge. Is this normal?? Can I still be pregnant?? Im scared I do not want to lose my baby.

  3. Hi,

    Me and my dh have been ttc for 2 years now. I used ovulation tests this cycle and I am now 11dpo. Every day since I ovulated I’ve used and opk and got a positive. My period is due next Tuesday and I took an hpt on today and it was negative. I’ve been feeling weird, like disoriented and sleepy all the time and this week I have slept more than I normally do. I’ve urinated more than usual and I’ve had dull headaches and light cramps on and off. Is it possible that the hpt was wrong and I just used it to early. Why am I getting so many positives on the opk. I do not have PCOS. Thanks in advance for your response.

  4. One last annoying thing I noticed is that I am having bad acne, something I very rarely get, face and shoulders. 🙁

  5. oh aaaaaand, I have been taking pre natal pills for a few month now with DCH, and I heard I wont have some symptoms because of that? Is that true?

  6. I forgot to mention I also have been VERY gassy the last couple of weeks! What’s up with that?! My diet has not changed. Sometimes when I feel like I might be nautious, I end up burping.

  7. I have a pretty good idea of my cycle since I have been tracking it as my husband and I are trying to conceive. On average I am on a 34 day cycle. I took a HPT on June 2, and then a few days later June 5 and both were negative. My ovulation day was May 18, and we had sex May 16, May 18, and May 22. My last period was on May 1, it’s now June 10. Aside from a missed period, the only symptoms I have are occasional cramping in my abdomen, lower back pain (on and off, but was bad about 2 wks ago), occasional headaches and tiredness, but maybe could be allergies? and I do get up in the middle of the night to pee, and perhaps peeing a little more often but can’t decide if I am drinking much more…Also, sometimes I just keep eating and rarely feel full, when sometimes I feel full but I want more, and sometimes I don’t want to eat anything at all. Sometimes when I feel tired, I think it could be laziness? I don’t want to get too crazy, but after doing some research I notice everyone is different and that maybe I should try another HPT next week if I do not get my period. Have I gone crazy? What are the odds I can be pregnant? I don’t want to take another test and get dissapointed, but I suppose it’s the only way to figure it out, huh?

  8. I’m 26 years old, may menstruation irregular sometimes, but last 6 months ago my period regular 28 to 31 days, but last MAY i miss my period. may first day of last period april 27 & end last may 01, now june 10 i”ll test ( pregancy test) but negative.pls advise what will i do.

  9. I had my period may 11- 14 it was late but it came now i been very very WET… for about 3 weeks now i feel very nauses hungry i feel bloated. . Sleepy tired. . . Moody very mean and emotional like pms its about that time for my period but i have no sing of it .. i been usein the bathroom like crazy the feeling of having to use it stays throw out the day plz get back to me asap… thank you

  10. hi my name is isabell how long after sex can u be pregnant ive just come of the pill plz advice me thanks

  11. Dear Christina, from what you’ve told me, you might be pregnant. A gynecologist could tell you for sure this. Good luck.

    Hey Kaykay! The fact that you’re on period can be a sign that you might not be pregnant. Do you have any pregnancy symptoms? In many cases tests have done mistakes, so don’t panic.

    Dear Ellie! As the symptoms you have indicate a pregnancy, I think you should go to the doctor. Try not to panic, everything has a solution. Try to go accompanied by your mother, a friend or your boyfriend. They can support you and make the moments before the consultation easier. Good luck!

  12. hi’ 4 weeks ago i found i was pregnant.i was very happy. This is not my first preg. i have a 13yr old and a 4yr.old,but unfortnately 1 week after, i was also diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, {a type of skin cancer}i have 2 lesions,one on my face left cheek and one behind my ear. Although doctors say i still can have my baby while undergoing treatment,{lesions surgically removed} iam really worried and confused. has anyone out there been through or is goin through this,please write back. I need serious closure!!!!

  13. i think im pregnant but im on my period n its like brownish red but b4 i toke i got my period i toke test came out positive sum one help me please.

  14. It’s not the fact I think i’m pregnant. I know I am not prego. It’s the concern I have about my body. About 2 months ago, I had a problem with brown discharge so the doctor put me on medication for it for a week and it ended. Well that next week she put me on birth control and I have been on b.c. for about a month now. A week ago I had sex and the discharged started again like it did maybe 2 months ago and the gynocologist told me she cannot put me on the medication for it just because it may cause conflict with the birth control. The obgyn told me it will end by itself from the birth control i’m on but I have no idea why my body discharges like this, do you? Explain if you do, please.

  15. I have always needed to take birth control pills thyroid medication I have stop take my birth control and thyroid for almost a year. I’m taking diet pills to loss weight and lost 40 pounds, in matter of 3months, With losing weight I have been getting my menstrual cycle My concern is my last period was April 08th and my husband wanted to try for a baby so he pick April 28th, It was only that day when he came inside once. What do you think? I have been off the diet pills for 2 weeks now and haven’t got my period yet. What should I do? (Please Help).

    Thank you.

  16. I had sex without protection three weeks ago and he came inside me..I havent had my period yet and i feel really tierd and i feel like throwing up.. Am i pregnat?? I doubt that i am because it happened three weeks ago and if i was i think i would of probably found out right away..

  17. well, i had my period three weeks ago, and a week after i thought i got another one, but its not regular period blood, and i still have it, my boyfriend and i had sex the other day, and the bleeding worsened. im worried, but i didnt have any symptoms of pregnancy, whats up with my body?

  18. my girl hasent got her period in six weeks an im gettin worried we have sex but i always pull out can she b pregnate?

  19. hi 3 weeks ago i had sex with out protection and it woz only till about a week ago that i have been feeling sick nearly every morning bt not actully getting sick, i am going to da bathroom alot to and am more wet than normal. my breasts r fuller and heavyer than b4, i keep getting headach’s nearlly all da time… and my chloths are after getting too small for me to. I have no signs of my monthlies which i normaly get about week b4 i get my monthly, dose that mean that i could b pregnant?????? plz help me

  20. hi im 17 yrs old n i had sex on the 3rd of may we didnt use protection but he said he didnt ejaculate inside of me 2 days later i start 2 bleed a little not period blood but blood i also have been having cramps in my lower stomache area. I juss got off my period a week before we had sex im afraid i may be pregnant…can sum 1 give me advice please…

  21. i have had sex with my boyfriend and we didnt use a condom he said he took it out before he ejaculated but how do i know and how do i know i am pregnant also i dont want to go to the doctors as i am only 12 :S

  22. Hi,
    i have a question i have a son already he was unplain but i love him. I might be pregant again my bf and i had sex when i was on my period i didnt want to but he did so we did he accidentally cum in me
    and i been feeling sick so i really didnt worry about and the next month i knew when i would have my period was the 3rd and i had sex before than and he cum in me again and the next day i started can i still be pregant please tell me.

  23. Hi, I just lost my virginity yesterday (may 1st) this morning i had little cramps in my lower stomach. Does that mean anything? We did use a condom, though. Please help.

  24. Last month i had this weird period i don’t even want to say it was a period because i was spotting for two days waisting pads and all. . . The blood was not red at all more like old looking blood. . . So after it went off i went to to the bathroom and when i whipped clear slimy sticky discharge with a little brown appeared on the tissue. . . Then the next week i started having cramps. . . I was nauses hungry i have gas bad headaches i feel bloated. . Sleepy tired. . . Moody very mean and emotional like pms. . . See i did research and i feel like it was implantation but i think implantation comes before your missed period not after. . . My period was 3 days late and then i spotted for 2 days very light! I took a hpt last friday it was neg 🙁 i’m very lost! Ugh i feel the same! Less headaches same ole stomach pains. It’s just may the 3rd now so i guess i’ll have to wait to see if my period comes on this month. . . But i really think i’m pregnant but the test was negative. . What should i do? O yeah the week that just past i’ve been urinating alot more:( it’s like i know but the hpt really messed everything up i would also like to mention itchy hands well the inside and the bottom of my feet this happens every now and then. . . . I also yawn through out the day alot. . . Ugh please any advice will help! If my period fails to come on this month i will attemp another test and also make an appointment with my doc. . . Thanks!

  25. hello i do i know if i’m really pregnant or not because my stomack has alot of pain in it when i have sex. and i am getting wetter than i usually do people say i am pregnant iz it true

  26. Hi, i’m 27yrs old and married for 5 months. I’m wonder on how should i know that i’m pregnant coz i missed my period this month but no symptoms of pregnancy are appeared. But I feel very fatigue lately. Pls advise.

  27. uhm yeah…ithink ihad sex but it didn’t look like it. -nd- i wanna now if i’m actully pregnant!?

  28. I don’t think you’re pregnant as you say you don’t have any symptoms. Don’t panic! After a fist sexual contact you should go see a doctor to see if everything it’s ok with you.

  29. Hi, I am Fifteen years old, and i lost my Virginity for the first time on March 31st. The guy says he wore a condum, but i’m not sure ebcasue he made me turn around when he put it on. He also said he didn’t cum. The intercourse only lasted three minutes, give or take.
    I had gotten my period on march 13th, and ended it the 21st. I have irregular periods and i don’t always get it back to back. I have taken two pregnancy tests, made by first respons, and both tested negative. But yet i’m sitting ehre worrying out of my mind. I don’t have any symptoms of pregnancy, but i have felt like i have had a mild fever the last week, and my brests hurt. My brests hurting can also be from me playign softball, becasue i am on my highschool tema and i do swing a bat every day. And my fever could be from stress right? I am also wet, like all the time. like there has been times where i felt like i had my period but i didn’t becasue i have just been so wet this last week. is that a sign too? i’m so worried. i need help.

  30. Nerissa, I don’t think you’re pregnant from what you’ve told me. I’d say that you should wait a little and see if it’s all ok with the period. Concerning the feet ache, I can guarantee you that it isn’t a pregnancy symptom.

  31. hi, i would like to know if i am pregnant. i had may last period on march 11 and finished on march 15. i had an intercourse on the the 15th until 17th without contraceptive.

    then i had intercourse again on march 22 and 29, withdrawal.

    i suppose to have my next period on apr 6. I took 2 pregnancy test (kit nad resulted negative.

    until, now i havent have my period yet.

    my breast sometime become swolen and heavy, but this is also a sign for me if im about to have my period. i also gained weight.

    i dont know if aching of my feet every morning is connected with this. but i am experiencing feet ache every morning every time i walk.

    please could you evaluate if i am pregnant?

    thanks you

  32. @unknown
    Please give me more details? What do you mean by “wet eggs”? Hope you’re fine.

    If you don’t trust your lover try having a pregnancy test after 2-3 weeks. The result should give you the right answer.

    If you still have doubts you should have a pregnancy test. You can also check a gynecologist if you aren’t so sure towards the test result. Good luck!

    I’d advice you to go to the doctor. It is the most trusted method to see if you’re pregnant. He can give you the best advice.

  33. i need help i had sex when my ended and after i started to have wet eggs in my underwear for awile i am i pregnant or not

  34. Heyy im princess im 14 and just had sex yesterdayy with a close friend for the first time. He used a condom for the most part but i think he took it off 4 one min. He said he did use a condom the whole time but im not sure. I think its just my nerves getting the best of me . I need your advicee i can’t be pregnant.

  35. HI.

  36. Hi, will i had my period 2-3 weeks ealier then i was suppose to have it, i have lower back pain,tired, Mild heachaches (like migranes), can i still be pregnant??

    Also, when my bf and i had sex, he didn’t use a condom for 10 seconds or so and then we had protected sex, can i still get pregnant if he went inside me without a condom? we also did it on the day my period was suppose to end.
    Please Help!

  37. Morgan, I can’t diagnosis your problem from what you’ve told me. A gynecologist can do this, after a detailed control. So, please, go as soon as possible to the doctor. Your boyfriend can accompany you. The problem seems to be serious, from what you’ve written to me, so don’t waste time. Hope hearing good news from you!

  38. the 21st of february, me and a guy friend had sex and he did not know if the condom busted or not so i reacted calm not knowing how to react. Then my period came around when it was suppose to[2 weeks later] and it was light and not a red, more like a brown color so i was like “whatever”. now maybe about a week and half or two weeks later i started bleeding through the week. today me and the same guy friend had sex and i am bleeding a whole lot, what is the problem?

  39. Jennifer, don’t panic. I’d say you should wait for the period to go off and observe if the symptoms persist. If so, then you should take another test. The second result should clear up the mystery. Good luck!

  40. Hi Jenna! If you don’t feel like telling your mother about this problem and the pain persists you should make an appointment and go to the doctor. You can go with a close friend of yours. I’m sure that a specialized opinion will help you a lot. And… don’t forget! Don’t do the same mistake twice! Use a condom next time!

  41. heey, well im 14 years old an i just started birthcontrol like two weeks ago and i took plan B on march 11 cuz i had a misunderstanding and took that pill just to make sure. my tummy kinda hurts like when u get butterflies but it has felt like this for a few days, be and my boyfriend were at his house and we didnt have a condom so he just went inside me for maybe 10 thrusts.. he says he didnt cum inside me but im not sure… by period is expected two weeks from now cuz the birthcontrol is controling my period now and i have never noticed til now but when i stand up an i touch the lower part of my stomach like by ur vagina and its sort of hard is that normal? and i wanna tell my mom but im scared she will get mad what do i do?

  42. Hi I been wondering am i pregant ? I took a pregnancy test 3-5 days before my exspected period it said neg my period was 4 days late but I been nausiated this whole month my breast is very sore to the touch i eat everything and anything drink alot of fluids and i am tierd and going to the bathroom alot should i take anthor test or what? or do i wait till my period goes off and wait till next month? im so confused please write back

  43. Welcome on Tips 4 Girls, Luisa. I promise that as soon as possible you’ll find out much more information about pregnancy. An article it’s being prepared by me and this week it will be published. So, stay close to us!

  44. Hi there well this is my first time on this web and my first time being pregnant but give me some more informations about pregnant.

  45. From what you’ve told me, I don’t think you’re pregnant. It may be that you have some problems with the stomach or maybe it’s because you’re tired. Try resting up more, and if the symptoms continue go to the doctor so that he can prescribe you some medicines. Good luck!

  46. I’m on the pill but I am experiencing a very gassy stomach, I am not throwing up but I have been moody and a little tired and my expected peiod isn’t for three days… Is there a chance I can be pregnent?

  47. Hi Brandy! Have you taken these pills for long time? Are they recommended by a doctor? It may be possible that they have some negative effects on your body. Don’t panic and make some time to go to the doctor and tell him your problems. He will surely find the cause. Good luck and I hope hearing good news from you!

  48. I need some advice. im on the pill and have took a pregnancy test and it was negative but my stomach and breasts feel weird. MY back aches and havent had an apptite. Am i pregnant? i have heard that some people on birth control still have periods and test negative.

  49. Hi Linda,

    My first advice would be to go to the doctor because he can answer for sure to your problem. This kind of pregnancy tests are not 100% sure as you surely know. On the other hand, I understand your fear, confusion and the fact that you would like to avoid a direct contact with a gynecologist. In that case, try taking another test and compare the results. If it turns out to be negative it means that you are not pregnant, but if it turns out to be positive again you should go to the doctor as soon as possible. Looking forward for some news from you.

    Good luck!

  50. i have a qustion im very confused i think im pregnant not sure thou i took 4 tests total two were positive and then two were negitive how do i know which one is right with out going to the dr’s please any advice would be greatly appreciated


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