How do you know that you are pregnant?

How do you know that you are pregnant?Some say that every woman knows when she’s pregnant because of a certain sixth sense she posses. But if you’re not so lucky to be aware when you are pregnant and an assumption is all you have, “listen” to the signs that your body gives you even before having a pregnancy test or going to the gynecologist. Which are these signs?

The first one is well known by each of us: the delay of menstruation. Many of us believe that if the menstruation still exists we are surely not pregnant. This idea is often incorrect. It is very possible the menstruation to exist for two-three months in little quantities than usually and the pregnancy to have already appeared.

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One of the clearest signs that you are pregnant is a visible change of your breasts; they become even bigger than they were before the period of menstruation and they ache. Most women confuse this ache of the breasts with the one they have before menstruation comes. In order to avoid this kind of confusion you should know very well your body.

The urination is frequent at the beginning (in the first four months of pregnancy) and this represents another important sign that you are pregnant.

Even if you aren’t that kind of person who eats all the time this doesn’t mean that an unjustified hunger and an emphasized appetite can’t represent a pregnancy sign. Remember! Don’t rely on this fact as the continuous hunger can appear because of stress too. The moment this symptom is accompanied by others you should start wondering “Am I pregnant?”

Another frequent sign of pregnancy is a constant, unjustified estate of fatigue. This fatigue appears because of the quantity of progesterone hormone present in a high level into your body.

A certain sensation of flatulence can also represent a cause of worry for those of you who aren’t prepared to have a baby. This symptom isn’t present only when it comes to a pregnancy as a certain digestive problem can also be the cause.

The nausea and frequent pukes are frequent in the morning although this doesn’t mean that they can’t appear during the day too.

If you observe that weird smells such as the one of gasoline or blacking begin to attract you, this is an unfailing sign of pregnancy. Most pregnant women also admit that they can’t stand the smell of coffee or tea.

Beside of having a darker color than usually, teats begin to be very mellow and sensitive at any touch. The sensation is similar to the one you have before the menstruation appears.

Your body temperature has been higher than usually for more than 18 days? That’s an unfailing pregnancy sign. This temperature chance is due to the presence of the hCG hormone in your body.

If these signs are present in your case too you should go immediately to a drug store and buy a pregnancy test. It’s the easiest method to find out whether you’re pregnant or not.

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  1. i had my period last august 21 up to 28. and after 2 weeks i had my period again. but its a brown color discharge. for 3 days already. i had pregnancy test it the result is negative. am i pregnant or what? please help me im really bothered.

  2. I last had sex on august 14th i was supposed to get my period on september 1 but all i had was cramping and discharge. after a week my body temperature has been higher than normal and that has been going on for 9 days now my stomach has been feeling upset and i havent been hungry but when i do eat i feel like throwing but but i usually do but sometimes a little comes up but never a lot and at night make stomach seems to be growling even though i feel sick some times i cant even sleep because my stomach feels so weird. so i took a home pregnacy test and it was negative can i still be pregnant?

  3. I’m 29 years, me and my partner had unprotected sex on day 12 and 13 of my cycle and he ejaculated inside me. I have been having early pregnancy signs like Nausea, cramps in my lower abdomen, thick white discharge, slight headaches , slight back pain, have been sleepy, bigger breast but not aching and I am gassy (I burp a lot) something that has never been an issue before. Ohh did I mention, I threw up at work today… twice in a space of 10 min. Do u think I am preg?

  4. My last period was in march since then have not heard have been ovulating normally then i feel like menstrating and not.Have been having alot of white discharge every now and thenwhat could be the problem

  5. hi,
    i am totally confused after i aw the symtoms of pregnance, me n my husband had sex on the day 13 of my mentural cycle of 28days, how ever i travelled a LOT after that. but i have noticed that my brests are larger than usual and is sore. am really confused, could i like be preganat..please advice.n when hould i take a preganacy test to confirm. thanx

  6. Heyy im 15 and I lost my virginity:/…am rele scared bcuz I have been having stomach cramps for about 5 days and for a day after I lost it I felt rele sick, idont think my best friend used protection but he keeps on telling me that he didn’t cum in me and my period isn’t due yet so I don’t know how to feel but I am really scared do u think im pregnant

    P.s I also had heavy discharge about two days after but now it normal but then I just had stomach pains…someone please tell me?

  7. hi girlsmy name is Mariana and I am a little confused. I am on the pill for a while but just last month I had to change pills because they were the wrong ones ( too much hormone. during the month about 2 weeks after I started the new pill my breasts were so sore, i could not even lay down on my belly or be touched, my boobs are big now but not sore, I am extremely moody and emotional, i have a kind of a bump ( to the point where my friends are telling me I have a bump) and it hurts, left side pain, I only throw up once when I went tubbing. I am having problems sleeping what is unusual and a little constipaded not bad. could I have got pregnant during the pill change???

  8. ok im so lost there is so many signs ive had that make me seem pregnant but i took 2 test about 2 days after my missed period and they were a no… and now it seems u have to wait 2 weeks after ur missed period? and it may b in my head but i kinda feel like im pregnant kinda like i kno something is there idk what to do im 17 and alone my mom will kill me if i ask her for help on this subject and my boyfriend doesnt kno what to think yet im 95% positive i am but idk how to tell if i am or not…?

  9. my boyfriend always finishes off in side of me when we have sex but we hv been doin that for a year now and im still not pregnant…whats the problem?

  10. well like in begin of january i was on depo wen i came off depo my period can on fro like an 2months then it just went off.. then i started pissing alot gaining more eating more. then i took the test and i wanst pregnant and my period still havent came on so i begin fuckin again so i took again and it said i wasnt so i went tot the doc and they did there tests and im still anit pregnant and i still havent came on

  11. Hi my name is jenae and I’m on the pill…me and my boyfriend don’t always use a condom and now I’m having these symptoms such as sore breast…..I’ve had these horrible cramps that would later turn into back pain after I had my last period ….I’m constantly urinating ,I’m tired and my appetite has become bigger could I be pregnant?


  13. Hi, Iv been on the pill for nearly a year now and i finished my period last week!
    The day after i started my pill again me and my boyfriend had un-prtected sex.
    We’ve heard people who take the pill with no problems can still become pregnant (about 10%)
    My tummys keeps getting little pains like period pains but they have only started today (a week after with no actual blood coming out just the pain)
    What does this meen?
    Has it got anything to do with being pregnant?

  14. Hi.This month my cycle came nine days early. It came three days earlier last month. My cycle went off on the 8 and i had unprotected sex on the 9 and 10. He came in me both times. Im like freaking out because I think i may be pregnant. I’ve been have server lower abdominal pains at times like a real bad cramp. Is this an indication that i may be pregnant?

  15. Hi, Im 24years old, married, and my problem is, I’m worried if im preggy or not. I missed my menstruation flow for 12 days. On the 8th day i missed it, I decided to take a pregnancy test and the result is, it has two lines but the other line is light. I try it again the next day morning and same day afternoon, they’re the same result. After 5 days(and that’s now), I have my period..I’m just worried about it..I need an advice.. Thanks

  16. Srry for posting so much…my bf and I had unprotected sex on 7/11/09 and it is 7/24/09 today and I still haven startd my period and this month is almost over I have wetness down in dat area its slippery and lotion like and I feel bloated and my breast are sore umm can I b pregnant I’m 16 I’m not scared to be or ne thing I jus want to knw if its signs yu knw jus want to make sure b4 I by a hpt so umm plz write bak on dis I cud relly use yur advice thanks

  17. I am 20 years old and my boyfriend and I have been try to not have sex but on the 21st we fooled around and he stuck it in for literally a second and then later fingered me. I am taking birth control but I missed my pill the night before the day that this happened. I was supposed to get my period yesterday and I’m freaking out because there is no indication that I’m going to start. Normally I get cramps and other little signs that I’m going to start and right now there’s nothing. I’m so scarred and maybe I’m being stupid and paranoid but is it possible that the stuff came out of his penis in that short amount of time and by him fingering me it could have pushed it along up in there? I feel silly because I’m sure it’s nothing, at least I hope, but I need an answer before 5:00 tomorrow. If I don’t get my period by that time plan b will still have a chance of working but I hate to spend 45 bucks or whatever it costs on something that most likely wasn’t needed in the first place. Please hurry!

  18. Hi I’m Marina
    As I said b4 my boyfriend and I had intercorse and now I’m wet down der and it comes out of no where is dis a sign of pregnancy I need advice so sum one plz write bak to me on dis

  19. Hey girls! Sorry for the delay of my answers… hope you’re not very upset on me because of that! Thank you very much for your appreciation and I wish I could have enough time to answer you all immediately.

    First of all, I’ve observed the great impact of the article “How do you know that you are pregnant“. Many of you have the symptoms mentioned by me in the article and it may be that you are pregnant (although it isn’t a certainty in many cases). As you know, the best way to find out for sure what happens to your body is to go to the doctor. I know it’s is not a pleasant thing to do but it gives you the most correct answers when pregnancy tests can’t do it.

    Julie, you shouldn’t lose confidence in yourself because you think your breasts are not big enough. There are some physical exercises that can be done in order to reshape them, although I can’t guarantee you that it will make them look bigger. Absolutely, surgery is not an alternative always.I’ll write an article on the importance that sport has on reshaping our body.

    Keep in touch.

  20. I’m 16 and my bf and I had intercorse 11 days ago and he nutted inside of me and DID NOT pull out and der 10 more days til dis month is over and I still haven started….can I be pregnant??

  21. i get headaches alott and nausea
    but i don’t puke i get dizzy sometimes or light headed when i seem to stand up after sitting down a i feel a little bloated and the last time i did it which was the july 19th i felt pain that i have never felt before in the lower part of my abdomen and down to my right leg over the knee…what can that meen?is it the sun,or am i close to my period? the first time i have done it,was right on the day i got off my period and he didn’t pull out and nutted and it was many times in the day and long times too,and other times he will just pull out or we’d use a condum..what can i do,what does this meen?help me please

  22. well im not sure if i am pregnant,some of those sythoms have accured to me,i do have aches on my right breast and i don’t know if thats because i may be close to my menstruation but what else exsactly can i verify if i am or not?..
    thank you

  23. hi, i have a 5 month boy, after my delivery i get continously periods on time but this month i cross 5 day, may be im pregnant or not…?
    i test after 2 day of my date from velocity kit its show negative.
    can u tell can i pregnant or not.


  25. I’ve been having multiple signs of being pregnant and I’ve taken several tests but they all say negative. I have one child but didn’t even know I was pregnant the 1st time til I was 2.5-3 months along and my mom actually called me out on it…I had no idea and never got sick. About 6 weeks ago my bf and I had unprotected sex a few times and he never pulled out. I woke up twice last week with this weird metal taste in my mouth which I recently read can be a sign and have had some clear discharge along with being unusually horny everyday. I’ve also had cramping in my upper abdomen and some back pain. I know the obvious answer would be a blood test but could any of this just be stress???

  26. hey im 22 i had sex on the 5 and then i had sex on the 9 and my husband came in me im sopused to get my period in one week but ifeel tired and my breast feel weird i never had this problem before oh and i have very bad cramps and headecke could i be pregnant

  27. Hi my name is jenny I’m not sure if I’m pregnant because I woke up today nd I feel really sick today I was supposed to satrt my period but I haven’t and I woke up with a lot of cramps in my stomach and I want to know what that means please can somebody give me an advice..

  28. hey im 22 and i am suffering from PCOS, now i dont get regular periods. i have one like twice a year maybe. Recently i have been getting very tired and hav had weired sensations in my lower abdomen, i did a pregnancy test in june and that was negative. but since then i have been gettin heartburn and the sensations in the lower abdomen also feeling tired and sick. But i wasnt sure that i could get pregnant as i only have a period every 6 months or so… can anyone help me???
    im very confused!

  29. HELP Please, im 17 years old. about three weeks ago i started feel like i might be sick almost every day. not all day, but sometime during the day. ive started peeing more often, ive been moody, and it seems like ive completely lost my appetite. my first thought was that i was pregnant but my breasts dont hurt at all, nor have they gotten any bigger.

    ive also seemed to lose weight instead of gain weight! i took a pregnancy test 2 days ago and it was negative. however my period is irregular so im not sure if it was really the first day of my missed period or not, all iknow is that i was supposed to start this week.

    im not on birth control, and my boyfriend and i only use condoms maybe half the time.

    i know the test up negative but i FEEL pregnant. can anyone tell me maybe why else i could be feeling this way? other than being pregnant. or are these strictly pregnancy symptoms?

  30. I have been on a pill that keeps me from getting my period for about a year and a half now. Lately I have been feeling many of the signs of pregnancy. The test came up negative but something is telling me something isnt right in my body. Since I dont get my period i dont really know what to do about it. I 18 and scared, i just finished high school and am supposed to go to college in a month. What do I do?

  31. hi,my period is regular always on the 1st of the month..but this month i miss my period..i already do the pregnancy test but negative am i test too early? and i do feel lazy and i always sick i got no appetite to eat

  32. also, i didnt mention, but i was pregnant a few years ago (although nothing came of it) and i am having similar symptoms as i did back then, but i took 3 pregnancy test back then and they all came back neg. even though i was over 6weeks. it wasnt til i went to the doctor and even they had to do 2 tests to make sure it was positive.. so i dont trust tests.

  33. hi.. just a bit of advise please..
    I got the depo injection back in april, i started bleeding for a month after it and then it stopped and ive had nothing since, the doctor told me this was normal (but its never happened to me before). Now, i feel weird, ive been feeling sick in the mornings, sometimes being sick, i cant stop urinating, im sooo tired, and you mentioned body temperture well im roasting constantly… i even wake up during the night sweating.. basically i have every symptom you mentioned in one way or another.. could i be pregnant even though i got the injection.??

  34. Hi,

    I’m wondering me & my boyfriend have had sex Mon Tues Wed & Fri without a condom and he ejaculated inside me it’s been a week later I’ve been having massive pain in my lower back heartburn frequent urination and pains in my stomach that kind of feel like cramps and recently when I used the restroom I’ve seen blood like I’m spotting I’ve talked to close friends about it but they say it’s only a week later it’s to soon but I’m freaking out about to lose my mind and also i’ve been having minor headaces. What do you think is going on HELP:(!!!!

  35. hi, im kayla, will i had sex on the on the 17 of jun 09, will i just got off my pericod 4hours before we had sex, we did not use a condom, we had sex for a hour, but he cum once but he pull out, and cum on he bed, but i felt that on my leg, but we went at it again, but when he first cum he played with himself to cum, he could not find my hole so he finger me to find it but with the hand he played with to cum out, we went at it again, but he cum on hes bed again, but i felt that on my leg, but its been 13 days after we had sex, and im getting ealry signs of pergo, i have throw up, and im tried allot, and it seems to me my boobs a getting bigger and the niple is getting darker, but i toke a test and it came out not pregnant but i feel pergo, my tummy is getting a little hard, idk. i need some help, thank you.

  36. hi i came off my pil in decmber, me n my bf have been havin unprotected sex, 5 weeks ago wen a were on my period we ended up having sex at the end of it n for last 3 week i have had nothing but stomach cramps, aching breast, i came on my period dis month on time but i was only on for 2 days instead of 5 n 3 days l8r 4 3 days a lost some brown discharge it stopped, but still having stomach cramps and feel i have put weight on, i took a p test it came bk neg, but dnt understand i feel sick more at the night, i feel i am peeing n excreting lot more, do you think i could be pregnant please could you help me. i have been to the doctor and they fink i could be they dun a urine test that was only 2 week after started gettin pains, should a do another 1 n do i have any symptons

  37. hi i came on,on the 26th nd been avin unprotected sex reguraly, on the 16 i came on nd came off on the 20th it was nt as heavy as usual bt then it wud b just little bits of blood ne1 gt ne advise? plzzzz

  38. Hi!just wanted 2 say i got my periods ön the 17th during the day.but i’m still worried that there is smething wrong with my abdomen or womb.

  39. ok so i just had sex protected sex yesterday but today i’ve been feeling weird and have been having reddish colored vaginal discharge. what does this mean?

  40. Hi I have been on birth control but I missed 3 days and dureing those three days I had sex and my man cummed in me, is there a chance I’m going to get pregant?

  41. hi my name is anna well me and my boyfriend had sex in a pool but it wasent for that long he wasent even close to finishing but we dident use a condom and now im three days late on my period should i panic ?

  42. Hi!i’m realy confused this past 2 months my manstruation cycle has been realy stressing me on the 14th of april i was supposed 2 get em but i got them on the 16th of april the very sme thing happend the following mnth bu t this tym i got them on the 17th.2day is the 17th of june i was suppose 2 be on them but theres nthing any advice would be greatful.

  43. Well hi, my name is Amayrani and i think i’m pregnant, i’m only 14 years old. I been feeling weird, my breast got dark and got big and they been liking for almost 2weeks, i keep feeling them if there were big-big but there not. I use to be skinny and now i’m getting fat, i got my period on April the 28 and it only lasted for 2days, i had sex on the 25 of that same month. i been craping for almost 3weeks,i been spotting for a few days, and i bleed for 2 days only. and i keep thinking that it was my period. I took 2 pregnancy test and both were neg. i throw up last week, the whole week. i sleep to much, i been going to the restroom every 40-6- min. i eat to much than i use to. my keeps telling me that it might be some thing in my stomach but theres nothing bad in there, last month (April 21) i my mom had took me to the doc. and i weight 95 1/2 but like i have this thing were you can weight your self at home, well i weighted my self and i was 99p and i was like WTF! so i keep thinking that i could be pregnant?

  44. Hey first i want to say thank you for taking your time out and answering questions it helps. Okay my problem is me and my bf had sex and he came inside me only once. and i read that it has to be the right time bc the egg and stuff have to be fertile so is there still a chance i might not be pregnant and how soon would i no its been about two weeks is the only thing i can do is wait for my period i was wanting to no asap. thank you for your time :))

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