How do you know that you are pregnant?

How do you know that you are pregnant?Some say that every woman knows when she’s pregnant because of a certain sixth sense she posses. But if you’re not so lucky to be aware when you are pregnant and an assumption is all you have, “listen” to the signs that your body gives you even before having a pregnancy test or going to the gynecologist. Which are these signs?

The first one is well known by each of us: the delay of menstruation. Many of us believe that if the menstruation still exists we are surely not pregnant. This idea is often incorrect. It is very possible the menstruation to exist for two-three months in little quantities than usually and the pregnancy to have already appeared.

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One of the clearest signs that you are pregnant is a visible change of your breasts; they become even bigger than they were before the period of menstruation and they ache. Most women confuse this ache of the breasts with the one they have before menstruation comes. In order to avoid this kind of confusion you should know very well your body.

The urination is frequent at the beginning (in the first four months of pregnancy) and this represents another important sign that you are pregnant.

Even if you aren’t that kind of person who eats all the time this doesn’t mean that an unjustified hunger and an emphasized appetite can’t represent a pregnancy sign. Remember! Don’t rely on this fact as the continuous hunger can appear because of stress too. The moment this symptom is accompanied by others you should start wondering “Am I pregnant?”

Another frequent sign of pregnancy is a constant, unjustified estate of fatigue. This fatigue appears because of the quantity of progesterone hormone present in a high level into your body.

A certain sensation of flatulence can also represent a cause of worry for those of you who aren’t prepared to have a baby. This symptom isn’t present only when it comes to a pregnancy as a certain digestive problem can also be the cause.

The nausea and frequent pukes are frequent in the morning although this doesn’t mean that they can’t appear during the day too.

If you observe that weird smells such as the one of gasoline or blacking begin to attract you, this is an unfailing sign of pregnancy. Most pregnant women also admit that they can’t stand the smell of coffee or tea.

Beside of having a darker color than usually, teats begin to be very mellow and sensitive at any touch. The sensation is similar to the one you have before the menstruation appears.

Your body temperature has been higher than usually for more than 18 days? That’s an unfailing pregnancy sign. This temperature chance is due to the presence of the hCG hormone in your body.

If these signs are present in your case too you should go immediately to a drug store and buy a pregnancy test. It’s the easiest method to find out whether you’re pregnant or not.

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  1. For Mel and Sarina: If you have used birth control methods you can’t be pregnant. All the symptoms you mentioned surely have other explanations. If the doubt persists, try having a test. Just do it in order to eliminate all the worries. It helps a lot.

  2. Tiffany, if you haven’t had any sexual contact with your boyfriend you can’t be pregnant. At your age there may appear hormonal disorders which should be of course discussed with a doctor. But, I repeat, these have nothing to do with the fact of you being pregnant.

  3. Priya, try going to a doctor. There are many hormonal changes that happened to your body (because of the abortions you had) and your health estate should be checked by a doctor. Every body is different and also the reactions to all kinds of surgical interventions. It may also be your case. Hope hearing good news from you!

  4. me and my boyfriend had sex yesterday and he cum in me twice and my stomach has mild cramps and i slept all day today could i be pregnant

  5. Hey i have been sick to my stumic and i have been smelling nasty things that no one eals can smell. i have a headake and i sleep more than i uasly do. could i be pregnet?

  6. Hey I’m 17 and I’ve been on birth control for a week and a half, and recently me and my boyfriend had sex without a condom because I told him I was on the pill, so he came inside me. I’ve been looking around for answers, I’ve been experiencing stringy discharge and sometimes brown, are these early pregnancy signs? is it possible I could be pregnant?

  7. yes,i talked to my boyfriend about this matter he said nothing to worry there is not such chances of getting pregnent.still i m afraid.
    i want to know that if we do sex during the period then is there any chance of getting periods or any other negative circumtances.plz help

  8. Hi,i had 3 abortions by intaking of pills within 10months,bcoz of that i lost my health very badly.i had abortion in november09 and had my period on 29th nov.i had sex on 23rd dec with my boyfrnd,and its january 17 still i m lacking u think i m pregnant.if yes,plz help dear.

  9. Hi, i m PREETI,
    i missed my period for 2 months 15 Days.
    i already done test for pregnency but there is no positive answer( i m not pregnent ) so please tell me what i need to do.should i recheck the Test.

  10. is anybody going to help me!!!!….please someone help me… i am very worried and i really need advice… please help!!. anybody?

  11. and i forgot to tell you something else. i use to be on the pill 2years ago because i had my period over 1 month and the doctor could not figure out what was wrong with me either

  12. hi
    my period is suppose to come today(jan. 13 2010). at first i was irregular but for some reason i been having my period every month for the past 7 months. so i been having back pains since last week. and i been cramping every so often. and i been have white stuff rather than having blood coming out. and i havn’t been throwing up or peeing alot either. but when i know when my period is on the way my back starts to hurt, i eat just a little bit more than usual and i get cramps every so often. when i checked all the symptons my nipples have not gotten darker, i haven’t been throwing up, i don’t pee alot either. may i be pregnant? and im only 16 and the only thing i did something with a boy is that we only kissed and we didn’t do anything to make myself pregnant….. please comment back asap

  13. Hi,
    I had unprotected sex on december 17th. He pulled out. I got my period 2 weeks later, but I have not really been feeling well. Ive been dizzy, and tired. My back has been aching also. My boobs have gotten bigger. Is it possible to be pregnant even though I have had a period?

  14. Jela, every pregnant woman should go periodical to the doctor for consultation. In this way the baby’s evolution is under specialised control. The doctor can also tell you how many months has your baby and also, if it’s a boy or a girl just by doing an unpainful echography. Good luck!

  15. Hi,I started my period at 13th of October,2009 my last period is 16th of October 2009. I made sex on November 30, 2009. This December 23,2009 up to December 30, 2009 I drink Red Horse Beer. Now, I take pregnancy test 4 times but it is positive, so i want to ask if my drinking before will have some bad effects for my baby?

  16. Hello,
    I had sex with my fiance on October and November (I can’t remember the exact dates) my period was due on November 27th. Well I haven’t had my period to this day(12.30.09.) The only symptoms that I’ve been having are pain in my lower back, cramp feeling and very nauseous (all day) some foods I can eat but I feel like throwing up afterwards. The only symptoms I don’t have is my chest being sore, my nipples getting darker and sometimes I have to pee a lot and somtimes I don’t. I took a pregnancy test it was negative its going to be 2 months that I miss my period though. Could I be pregnant or is there something else wrong with me? (I am going to my doctor on Jan. 5)

  17. hello I got my period 2 weeks early and its very light and its a dark brown color. I’ve been having cramps and gas. My nipples are also very sensitive and I am bloated. Could I be pregnant?

  18. Hi! Im stressed for the passed days. Maybe thats the reason why I dont have my menstrual period NOW! What will I do? I took a pregnancy test and it is negative. . I just want to know the tips to stimulate mestruation. I want to have my mens na to prove that Im not pregnant.. (

  19. me and my man had sex on 12/14/09 and he had bust in me that same day and the next day i dnt feel nothing how do i know if i am preganant?

  20. hello,
    i Have a ?ion for you…. well i am 2 days late and i woke up this morrning with a bunch of blood just oosing out and it never ever dose this. So then i went to take a shower and i couldnt stand the smell of pantine (my shampoo) and it made me very sick to my stomich. i still havent been feeling well, just sick to my stomich and slight cramps. But on the 28th of Nov. me and my feoncea had sex and we are trying to concive and have been for 1 year. could i get any advice on if i am pregnant and if not ways to get me pregnant? thanks this would really help me! : )

  21. hey well i went to the dr. and took pregnancy test and my dr and the text told me that i was pregant but my boyfriend keeps seeming to say im not he even went and bought test and all said yes then he said that i could have a false positive. do you think that i am not pregant. like any way a am not that all this is just made up???

  22. i need help. my breast have been hurting for almost 2 weeks and i feel sick all of the time. im also always tired and grouchy. my periods are never on time but now its been over 2 months. i took 2 pregnancy tests and both came back negative thats y im not to sure. it feels like ive had a fever for the past week also. my stomach also feels hard and it hurts.

  23. Hi,
    I was supposed to get my periods on 15th Nov, but till now it didnt get it. I used pregnancy test on 18th Nov and it came negetive. I have nausea from past 4days. I dont have tiredness or breast soreness. Am i pregnant? Please help me in this regard.

  24. hi. i had intercourse at the worst tyme of my menstrual cycle wivout a condom and for the past 4 days i have had nausea, few cramps and a couple of headaches. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative but i still have those symptoms and i have also noticed my breasts are bigger than usual and bigger than wen i’m due on my period and my nipples are sore… what does this mean?

  25. Hi Ashley! It might be possible you are pregnant again, especially if you haven’t used any protection methods. If these symptoms persist a week from now, you should go to a doctor. You are either pregnant, either you have some hormonal disorders which should be treated by your doctor. Good luck!

  26. hey, my name well I’m going to keep that unknown.
    but my period was supposed to come on the 14th which is this last Saturday, and it’s now Tuesday and I haven’t started still. me and my boyfriend didn’t use a condom and he has precummed in me numerous times. and now, my breasts are really tender, and I have had a fever for the past two days. I find myself falling asleep during class everyday and my stomach seems to be getting big.
    I’ve also had sharp pains in my lower vagina area and pressure on my butt like to the point I can’t get up.
    I’ve been eating alot, and peeing constantly.
    could I be pregnant? pleasaassseee help me this is my last resort before I go to a doctor.
    thank you very much! 🙂

  27. hi, i had my last period on 19th oct, i had a slight show maybe a week later. i’ve been having headaches and my nipples are really sore, and i’ve lost my appetite. i took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. has anyone got any idea what may be wrong with me.

  28. Hi my name is Ashley and i just had a beautiful baby girl 6 months ago…..Well me and my husband had unprotected sex…. And its now Nov.14th 2009 and i still havent gotten my period…. I didnt have my period last month but i had it in september i was sick for about a week throwing up every once in awhile, ive been tired than usual and ive had some headaches my stomache is hareder than usual and I dont have to pee that much… Ive taken 4 HPT and they were all negative….If you could help me i would appractiate it so much!!!!!!!!

  29. I have been having unprotected sex my last period was september 25 i have being using the bathroom alot having mild cramps in my back and lower stomach i have been trying to have a baby for 2yrs but i never could get pregnant…could i be pregnant this time

  30. hi, me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex she got her periods 2weeks early , so wen should she expect her next periods,OR IS SHE PREGNANT!! PLEASE HELP WE R PEEING ON OUR PANTS >>>>>

  31. hi, my name is angela and i am 19 years old. I really dont know what to do right now, because 2 weeks ago i startes my periods and ended last week. Now im bleeding again. i am just worried because after i was done my periods, me and my fiance had unprotected sex and he came in me, by accident. I had to stop the pill that i was on because it was causing me to be sick all the time. Now i am worried because i am not supposed to have my periods for another 2 weeks and its very light compared to what it usually is!! Ive been really sick in the morning and i always have to go to the bathroom… Could someone help with this. I want to know what is going on with my body right now!!! Thanks

  32. so ive been having some symptoms but im not sure…
    ive been very tired, my breasts are very tender and bigger, and i have had unprotected sex many times. a few days after my last period ive been experiencing alot of cramping, light, not severe, but this is a new thing to me. Ive had frequent headaches, and i have never had problems with acne in my life, and recently ive been having outbreaks on my face! ive taken 1 pregnancy test and it was negative…does it sound like i might be pregnant? or is it just hormones??im so curious! pleasee help me thankyou so much 😀

  33. Hi my name is Ashley and i just had a beautiful baby girl 6 months ago…..Well me and my husband had unprotected sex…. And its now Nov.4th 2009 and i didnt have my period last month but i had it in september i was sick for about a week throwing up every once in awhile, ive been tired than usual and ive had some headaches my stomache is hareder than usual and ive been doing number 2 if you know what i mean.. I dont have to pee that much… Ive taken 4 HPT and they were all negative….If you could help me i would appractiate it so much!!!!!!!!

  34. Hi my name is Ashley and i just had a beautiful baby girl 6 months ago…..Well me and my husband had unprotected sex…. And its now Nov.4th 2009 and i didnt have my period last month but i had it in september i was sick for about a week throwing up every once in awhile, ive been tired than usual and ive had some headaches my stomache is hareder than usual and ive been doing number 2 if you know what i mean.. I dont have to pee that much… Ive taken 4 HPT and they were all negative….If you could help me i would appractiate it so much!!!!!!!!

  35. I started my period somewhere around sept 23rd and stopped on the 27th. I was using the Nuvaring as birth control and took it out the week i had my period, I was late by a week putting it back in and during that week i had unprotected sex about four times. Within the past few weeks I’ve been feeling dizzy and nauseous, but i haven’t actually thrown up. I’ve also been extremely tired and bloated and have had dull headaches. Also, during intercourse I’ve been getting extremely wet, which i’ve heard could be a symptom of pregnancy. My breasts have been a little bit more sore than usual but it isn’t anywhere near unbearable or anything. Do you think i could be pregnant?

  36. i had sex a week ago, and i dont know if i could be pregnant or not.. i have been peeing alot but i think it might be all in my head, i also noticed my nipples have been hurting alot? my boyfriend used a condom but we had intercorse for over an hour? .. help please

  37. Hello, I had stopped taking BC about a month and a half ago, almost 2 months ago. Last month I felt nothing out of the ordinary. This month, I feel nausea (I have not actually vomited, but it comes up into my throat threw ‘burp-like’), frequent headaches, extremely tired (my friends are noticing), I had light cramping for about 3-4 days about 5 days ago, sore nipples (but bearable), very wet, etc. I had sex unprotected several times around the first week of October and I found out not long ago that was my fertile period. I am not for sure what time my period is suppose to get here but I am guessing Monday-Thursday. I took a pregnancy test on Wednesday (14th) and this morning (17th). Both negative. I am planning on taking another test if my period is late but I feel so different.. And I wasn’t “planning” on getting pregnant.

    Do you think I still have a chance of a positive coming up?


  38. I had unprotected sex 5 days ago. since then I have had gas like none other and small amount of cramping down there. my discharge is greater now too – white and thicker. my last period was on the 1st of October. i am worried I might be pregnant. I know you can’t have symptoms of being pregnant this fast – right?? Or can you?? Those are my only symptoms besides heartburn…which could be something else. i just feel bloated and I really hope it is all something else and I am just stressing….HELP!

  39. Hey Question: me and my boyfriend had sex today (sep 24) and i start my period next week on the 1st of october but the condom busted but i didnt nutt but he did…chances about me being pregnant what can i do?

  40. Hi.. i dont know if im pregnant.. my last period was 3 weeks ago.. but my breasts have been super sore for the past 2 weeks my lower back kills and im sleeping by 8pm everynight the past couple of weeks and im moody and want to eat all the time.. is it to early to take a pregnancy test and if so should i be worried that im pregnant?

  41. My husband and I had sex about 2 weeks ago (I don’t take any birth control right now). I got “my period” 3 days ago, but it started off with very heavy, brown discharge. The following day it seemed to get back to normal (heavy red bleeding). However, on the third day of “my period”, I had nothing but light spotting, as if the bleeding went away. Normally I have a week long period with heavy red bleeding until it progresses to light brown/red bleeding. I was just wondering if this situation was normal?

  42. Hey Victoria! I’m very glad that you and your boyfriend are now closer than before. Regarding your question, if your period is missing more than 2 weeks you should take a pregnancy test. This is the maximum time any girl should wait before taking a test or going to the gynecologist.No reason for panic in your case, I dare to say. Hope hearing good news from you.

  43. Thx so much! lol he is always there for me but he just didn’t know or anything so ya lol I asked him ago later and he’s like “well either way I’ll be by your side the whole time.” And he gave me a big hug. so it IS possible that the emotions and stress may be causing this?? I did not know this.

    Okay so about after 2 weeks after TODAY? or like two weeks like as in two weeks ago that he slipped? lol (I’m so confused) lol Thank you so much! Now I know to go here for advice too thx!

  44. Hey girls! This message is for all of you who ask me if your pregnant after you have been giving me some symptoms. The facts that you are having stomach aches, your breasts hurt and are bigger, you have nausea don’t always represent the that you are pregnant (as I’ve also said in an article posted on this blog). Anyway if you have doubts try some pregnancy tests. That’s all I can say. Only after a gynecologist consult one can establish a pregnancy. As I can’t do that, I can’t give a correct answer to the question: am I pregnant or not? All I can say is DO ONLY SAFE SEX and you won’t be put in the situation of asking always whether you are expecting a baby or not. Kisses from T4G!

  45. Hey Victoria! It’s less probable to be pregnant if you’ve had only anal sex. Stress and the emotions you have been passing through may be the cause of the fact that you have been missing your period.If this situation continues, after about 2 weeks try going to a gynecologist. He will know how to treat this hormonal problems. Also try explaining to your boyfriend that the problems you have are his problems too. He doesn’t have to be next to you only on good moments. “Anything possible” is not an adequate answer. Good luck.

  46. Hey! Uhhh my boyfriend and I wanna wait to have sex right? but like we do like ummm Anal but like he slipped once and it was like maybe 2 weeks ago? anyhow I asked him like a day afterwards if it’s possible that some of “him” got into “me” and he’s like “anything’s possible. Why?” and I told him and he said, “I’m sure it’s nothing. Don’t worry.” but I’m (probably) missing my period. I can’t remember if I had it early last month (end of month) or if it’ll be late. Plus my boobs seem a bit bigger but they don’t ache. I noticed that there’s somewhat stretchmarks on my boobs this morning in the shower. I’m scared… I can’t tell my mom or anyone because well… I don’t want my boyfriend to get in trouble. PLEASE HELP!

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