How do you know that he likes you

How do you know that he likes youThere he is. The man of your dreams. He’s in the same restaurant as you, but at another table. But, how do you know that he is interested in you? Here are some tips to help you, girls, guess his thoughts.

First of all, if he makes a pass on you, it means that he is very fond of you. In this case, you should try to act the same as he does, in order to make him understand that you like him too. If a man is feeling attracted to you, he will stare at you. Answer him with a short smile and be sure he’ll come to introduce himself immediately.

Touching is a good thing so if after he will get near you, he will use any occasion to touch you on the hand, on the foot or in any other place it means that he is interested in you. There are no coincidences when he appears in your favourite store; he is just trying to be near you as much as possible. This is another sign that he likes you.

If a man is quiet and listens what you tell him it means that he wants to get to know you better. There are few men that listen patiently to women’s stories.

You should know that women talk more often about their feelings than men. If you manage to make him talk to you about what he feels it means that you made an important step in your future relationship.

44 thoughts on “How do you know that he likes you

  1. i really like this guy who sat beside me in class last year but now we’re both in different secondary schools and i can only see him on trips back to my old school and i miss him A LOT! Problem is he is the silent type he he always tries to hide his feelings. Im writing here only because i dun know what else to do

  2. i really like this guy and i knew he liked me too…. in august 2010 i wrote here bcuz i ddnt knw wat to do but im happy to say were datng… well my cousin doesnt know but im happy with this guy he makes me smile and im in love with hm thnx to all those who responded!!!!

  3. I like this boy at school I dont know if hes looking at me when I see him stare he might be looking at his friend when I see him look I turn away just in case he doesn’t like me does he like me?

  4. a boy i like he is in the same grade we haven’t talked since like 5th grade and he liked me and i liked him but he never asked me out and i never asked him out because i was to shy. the way i found out that he liked me is because me friend asked him for me and he always stared and now we don’t talk.and now there is another boy that i catch every now and then staring at me.The boy that i catch every now and then is super cute. his name is….. i don’t want to give out personal info. BYE!!!

  5. Hi i am 16 and i like a 38 year old man i cant help the way i fell or who i choose to like i wont to no if he likes me his not a pedo or any thing um he told me a really personal thing about somthing any way i always talk with him wen i was over my mums friends house wen people wernt looking he would smile at me and lift his eye brows he some times would comment me and say flirty things like she is pritty to his friends or if i was dressed up he would say wow u look sexy and we have sort of nown each other for about three years i really like him i wont to tell him but i wont to no befor i make a mistake cuz i could get in to trouble

  6. So there is this guy that I really like. I just found out he liked me at one point or another as well. I’d like to be with him, but there is a problem: he has a girlfriend who has cheated on him before. He’s giving her a second (and final) chance because she was honest when he asked her if she had cheated. What should I do? I really like him…

  7. In my class one boy is there we both always fight but he never want 2 fight with but he shows he hate me &also always stares me wht dat mean

  8. to makayla
    dude da guy is so head over heels into u da fact da t he liked u so long means that he reli does give him hints and he wil ask ya owt

  9. hey bebe
    first of all he CHEATED on u dnt go bck there again. He does like u but once a cheater always a cheater

  10. Oka it’s a boy I use to go with and he cheated on mr an I didn’t want to go bck out with him then 2 days later I ask him did he want to go bck out with mr and he said he dont know I think he don’t have feelings for me but he text me almost everyday but he have attuides with me when I reply to his text messages can somebody tell mr ways going on

  11. Ok so I’m in the 9th grade now and Ive liked this guy since 7th grade when I had my first junior high dance he asked me to snowball and I had no idea what that ment and wen he said it was slow dancing I freaked cuz he had been my friend for a long time. I ended up running away not knowing wat to say and he chased me around the entire room until I finnaly said yes. So we danced almost all of the slow songs and rumors started to spread. Eventually he stopped talking to me for two weeks if we had a convo and sum1 whistled or sumthing. This year we started to become friends again through youth group and now I feel like I used to but I’m not overdoing it either. I’m taking it slow but just today I caught him staring 6 times and he caught me 3 times. I want to date him but I just don’t know what to do. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  12. So i liked this guy when i was in the 8th & he was in 9th. I think he liked me to because he would always tease like turn off the light when i was in the room. and always hug me too when he got a chance. so i like we liked eachother but we never would admit. 馃檨 I didn’t see him four 3 years. then out of no where last Sunday he visited my church he sat at my table. and would stare at me and I would catch him looking at me and he would smile or giggle does he like me? when i would catch him looking at me i would smile back:) he would giggle and blush:)

  13. Ciara in my opinion I think he totally likes you the random hug thing means maybe hes just shy or nervous you dont like him, don’t be afraid to ask him out 馃槈

  14. Ok So I Like This Guy That Lives Down The Street From Me We Text Every Now && Then && He Sits With Me At Lunch && Like We Laugh And Stuff And Sometimes Hell Come Over My House Like One Time He Came Over My Mom Said She Had To Leave The Room Because He Was Staring At Me So Much Like He Doesnt Comment Me On Anything && Im Friends With All His Friends So I Never Know If Hes Talkin About Me Because He Likes Me Or Just Because I Was Brought Up In The conversation && Like When We Do Text We Laugh At Each Other && Constantly Put “:)” && He Sits By My At Lunch But He Never Does The Random Hugs But He Does “Coincidently” Pass Me In The Hallways All The Time .

  15. I like this guy and im 12 (hes 12 too) qnd ive liked him since the beginning of the school year when i first saw him…so hes been like my best guy friend and so im pretty sure and so are my friends that he flirts with me hell touch my hair sometimes hell like fake punch my open palmed hands and stuff like that…he doesnt hug me tho. And so today he found out i like him and my friend who was talking to him about it said he didnt like me but i frikin love him and it was really awkard today because he kkows that i know that he knows about me liking him… Im going to see how it goes tomorrow 馃檪 wish me luck!

  16. Hi I’m in year 8, I like this guy in my set. I virtually have every lesson with him and because some of our seating plans are alphabetical order wesit next to each other a lot. I caught him staring a few times and now I like him. But he’s one of those guys who has a very weird sense of humour and cares alot about image. I still like him though and it’s gotten so bad I dream about him a lot. Does anyone have similar experiences or tips???

  17. See i got asked out by this guy who is my close guy friend and idk if he was drunk since he was be4 he said he like me when he wasnt but idk what i should doooo helllllllllllp me

  18. So, there’s this guy in my school who I like.. We used to text every day last year, when I didn’t like him, only as a friend. And then he asked me out. I only liked him as a friend so I rejected him, and we were texting buddies for a while after. And then he asked me out twice, after that time. Now we never text, much less talk, and NOW I like him, but I don’t know if he likes me back.. What should I dooooo:( And, there’s another guy that I kinda-sorta-maybe like and he asked me to go watch a movie with him next Saturday. And he also said not to tell anyone about it-is he asking me out? Because my friends and my guy friends and I ALWAYS do things together..
    So does guy#1 still like me, and is guy#2 asking me out?

  19. ok.. You see i like 2 boys in my class.One is named Jasson and one Daniel. They are both into kickball. I use to play but not any more. What should i do?

    P.S. I’m in third grade.
    P.S.S. There both 8 and i am 9

  20. So I have known this guy since high school and he used to stick up for ne when the older kids were being asses. He is 6 years older than me and we were not really friends we just said hi in the hallway and stuff. Then my best friend started dating this guy and said his brother really wanted to meet me and I went for it. Come to find out it was him. It took us a while to remember the other one and we got to know each other all over again. He was with this girl and they were going to get married but she cheated on him and since then he had been having a lot of sex and no relationships. When I learned about that I told him I was still a virgin and of that was what he wanted to go soenwhere else. It has been nine months and we are still hanging out and he has really matured. We are bit together yet but I truly and deeply hope that we are someday soon. We tell each other everything and are sooo close.

  21. Ok this guy i like is a one grade older than me. And he told me over a text message that he likes me but,he told my friend devon (that likes me) that adam doesnt. And adam is always starring. And adam doesnt talk to me in class anymore and he wont text me either. AN adam is a soccer play and well im not… i need some advice cause i really bad want to talk to him again. someone HELP ME!


  23. okay one day in class i heard two of my guyfriend/classmates talking about me i will call them by the nicknames me and my friends use for them ~paper~ and ~belt~ okay so paper and belt we’re talking apparently about me since paper directly pointed at me as they were talking.(i sit right behind them)
    and paper goes she should be your girlfriend*my friend goes oooooo i think belt likes you lol* then as we were(me and my friend) waiting for the bell to ring we decided to wait by the door. As we we’re waiting they kept staring at me like they were checking me out. So i’m kinda confused..i used to like belt in 7th grade(im now in 9th),but i don’t really like him anymore. Could he possibly like me? sorry if this didn’t make much sense..i’m pretty confused about what to do :/
    but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated 馃檪

  24. i like this guy, he stares at me sometimes and class and i dont know why..onece he got up outa his chair and i looked at him and we just kinda stared at eachother this happend like 3 times does this mean he likes me?

  25. This boy in my High School Class, keeps on poking my butt, thighs,stomach, holds the door for me, lets me go first, loves giving me hugs, andhe has a song for us… Marry Me-Train…whenever he sang Marry Me, then he would get down on 1 knee. What does it mean? Does he want to get back together with me?

  26. well i am going out with my best guy friend and it happened one day before our play that made me so happy i will always remember december 15nth and it’s going good so far…

  27. i like dis boy and at the lunchline he said if you want to skip me give me a dollar me friend got in front of him he said no so then he backed up and said to me you can skip me i like him he knows but then my friend found a clipboard that said his name and mine i wonder does he like me cause when my bff ask does he like other girls he say no but when its me he say idont know..

  28. I have this crush on this guy and he smiles at me and then looks at the ground sometimes. At lunch he once did something to be funny and my friends were trying to make him stop and I started laughing. I once went into his classroom to do something for my teacher and he was smiling at me from behind his shoulder. What could this possibly mean!!!? SOMEBODY RESPOND TO ME ASAP!!!!!!!

  29. Ok so i really like this guy but he is datin someone. We have one class together and in that class he is always staring at me. When i look up he says hi and then says somethin funny to his friends to show off. He doesnt seem really interested in the girl he is datin tho. The girl he is datin is always flirtin with other guys. What should i do? Does he like?

  30. i really like him and his dating my friend i know he likes me but my friend has a tendency to blow things out of propotions and i told not to dump cuase i know she likes him a lot what to do ? what to do? help anyone

  31. I really like this guy he goes 2 my school and we hav the same lunch and band class. He has a gf but he always blows her off and talks 2 me. we always sit 2gether at lunch and we hav the same group of friends. One time i wuz talking to my guy friend and he came up 2 me and he ran up to me and put his arm around me and said hey whats up?and another time he pushed my guy friend out of the way and said i wanna sit by cara shes cool. he always rubs his leg against mine annd teases me annd he always stares at me. he foun out i like him and while he was signing my yearbook he said “so.. i heard u like me.” i was embarassed so i ran away. but i later asked the guy whoo told him what his reply wuz and i found out he went”oh my gosh!she likes me?really?”is that good or bad?does he like me? what do i do?

  32. I really like this bot in my year. I like him a lot but never did before. Now he’s staring at me in all of my classes (He’s In a lot)and he tries to sit near me. I’ve also heard my name being said when he was with his friends. Does he like me?

  33. Ok theres this guy i like! we recently started talking..when he texts me hes flirtacious.even when we talk…but when hes around other girls.he just smiles at me! but when hes around his guy friends…hes way different and acts preverted! Oh forgot to mention..hes extremely jealous.when i talk to fellow guy classmates in school..he runs into them purposely and gives them the go to hell look..
    but does that mean he likes me…or is he just getting ready to play me?

  34. i like this guy and he is really nice around me and holds my hands sometimes but when hes with friends he acts different!!! what does that mean?
    does he like me?

  35. I knew this guy since 3rd grade and i started liking him in 6th grade. im in 8th grade now and still really like him. his parents are bffs with my parents and ive been to his house a lot of times. last year we didnt talk much but now we started to talk a lot. but he is very popular and has a girlfriend. he always looks at me and when he does our eyes meet and it feels perfect. does he like me?? watt should i doo?????

  36. I really lke this guy in school but im 12 and he is 13.This is a new school i am going to and he has had a few girls from last year!2 of thema re my friends.Everyone knows i like him but i always tell them i dont.we always talk and we have all the same classes together.he makes mesmile and i will like him as my first boyfriend this year or next.please help!

  37. i like a boy in my school and I have seen him staring at me few times and he has twise put his arm around me and he once asked me if i did’t love him, but i’m not sure if he likes me. What should I do?

  38. I know this guy but he a little old for me . We been talk for awhile however he do talk and act funny around other girls too. He give me hint that tell me he like me but he want to wait until i’m 18. I’m now turning 16 and the guy is 20 and i dont know if he really meant what he said about waiting. He talk to this girl alot but he said they were friends and she has a bf. Should i trust him. Is there anyway to tell if he is trustworthy and he really likes me ?

  39. I’m just going into year 8 and im tall but most of the lads in my year are small x the lad i like is called lee hes just a bit smaller than me but i love him and i wonder if he likes me x he stares at me all the time x he touches me on my back, shoulder, hands and face and even sometimes he will hug me when hes not with his friends x he can be sensitive and when im crying he will hug me and tell me everything going to be ok and when hes angry or upset im the the first one he call xxxxx do you think he likes me HELP!

  40. well there this guy at my scool, he use 2 walk me home and ditch his frends 4 me but wen i stoped walking home .we stoped talkin and wenever i pass by him he always tries 2 bump into me .wat shuld i do 2 talk 2 him?does he like me?

  41. megan, i am having one of those school situations too. this guy that i like is in 2 of my classes and i find him coming over to me to talk and finding excuses to touch me more and more often. the only problem is that i have a semi-trustworthy friend who used to like me who told me that the guy that i like, and who might like me, is a flirt and more… i dont know what to think. opinions?

  42. Hey Megan! I think that he likes you. Try connecting with him through your friends as you’ve said that they know each other. Don’t be shy, just be yourself! Good luck!

  43. i’ve liked this guy since the beginning of the new school year. I see him in the lunch line and he stares at me. i can see him staring at me, but i dont know what to do. i try to look at him bacl, but he always looks away, and now i can always feel him staring…he knows my name, and my friends, but we havent spoken since last school year. we dont talk anymore, and i have no classes with him. what do i do? does he like me?

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